Tuesday, December 1, 2009

White Sands 2100 Matte Painting

So the idea was that this is White Sands New Mexico after the "big one" hits the West and creates a giant crack into the US starting from the Gulf of California.  So in the year 2100, White Sands New Mexico is next to the new larger Gulf of California and also has one of three U.S. space ports.  They're enjoying the economic boom because of the space port so it has become this idyllic City/Community. 

Just an idea, I thought it was interesting.  If you look at what they're watching at the drive-in, you'll see that the Three Stooges are still awesome in the future. 

"Keep a lookout from the watchtowers of the north."

This a storyboard from a story I wrote.  I was going for the big fantasy summer movie feel.  Bring some popcorn, it's going to be good.

"Whatever you do son... don't go to the Carnival"

I wrote a short story about a kid living in a dust bowl country town back around 1910 who goes to the traveling show that comes to town.  He sees things that change him and at the end he realizes that he loses a big part of his childhood innocence that night and comes to regret it.

So I storyboarded it out.  I had to go without any elaborate camera movement so I could lay them out nine to a page like this.

I think it's a really touching tale about those moments that move us forward in to adulthood, whether we want to or not.  Such is life.

Beer Commercial

I did these storyboards for a micro-brew beer company.  It was their first commercial.  It was a really good test.  I had a 45-30 seconds to tell a story, hook the audience and make sure the product got a good amount of screen time.  It turned out great, the story was funny.

Traditional and Digital Landscape Paintings

It's very fun.  It's like mediation, especially if you're on location. 

Sketches on location

I really enjoyed this class.  We got to travel around an draw these things in person. 

The first one is Animals/Insects/Plants.  Yes, that is a Croc-a-roo.  Creepy huh.
The second is military equipment and some conceptual design based off of the military stuff.
The third is old Cars/planes/Trains.

Workin' for the Worm.

Back in the summer I was hired by production company putting together a reality TV show for Dennis Rodman....  I know.  So they wanted me to make some drawings of him and the other star of the show running around having all kinds of adventures and doing a bunch of extreme stuff.

I think people would watch it.

Characters Designs from various projects

Character design is very fun.  I think all of these would be great video game characters. 
From right to left: 

My Dred Pirate Roberts (Mexican Revolution influenced) design from Princess Bride. 
A modern take on a samurai warrior. 
My Dr. Frankenstein (Gear-head Mechanic/Joe Mad) design. 
And lastly my Goliath design from Disneys Gargoyles.  I tried to make him more Celtic.

I still think Gargoyles was the best thing to come from Disney in years for an older audience.

The Ghostbusters' Ecto 1

I started working on a story idea for a possible Ghostbusters 3 a while back with a friend just for fun.  It was turning in to something really great and epic but then we heard that they're actually moving forward with a real Ghostbusters 3 movie so...  oh well... the idea was great while it lasted.

Here's the design I did for the "future" Ecto 1.  Pretty mean huh.

Ships, Planes and other things that go VROOOM

Sometimes when I need to get away from storyboarding for a bit I'll design an interesting looking vehicle. 

That thing that looks like a shark is my attempt to design the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues.  When it's in "monster mode" the tail fins rotate to the sides and create a single flipper like a whale or dolphin.

Bottom Left is a military rapid troop transport ship. 

Bottom Right is a civilian passenger jet that has wings that fold back at sub-sonic speeds.   L.A. to N.Y. in an hour, amazing!!!  ... but the food still sucks.

Who doesn't love pirates?

I was working on a storyboard for an adventure story and part of it took place on (and within) a pirate ship.  For the sake of framing and the composition of the boards I had to figure out where everything was and how it was laid out, so... I had to design the outside and inside of the thing.  It was surprisingly fun.  Perspective is a great thing to know. 

Eyvind Earle Inspired Landscape

I love how Eyvind Earle had the abbility to design natural environments.  It took a couple of days of solid analysis "to break the code" of his style.  I'd love to do a couple more of these for fun.