Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Master Bathroom!!!

Somebody at work is having some work done to their bathroom and left a bathroom design book laying around.  It inspired me for about an hour...  here's what came of it.

Much like George Costanza.. I like the idea of have just one step in a room.  It feels fancy to me.  Notice the privacy toilet wall.  What I think is my favorite part is that the grout lines on the floor around the tub and the outside of the shower (basically that whole upper step area) have a slight incline towards the front of the room where there is a thin hidden drain that spans the length of the room that is hidden in the corner where the step begins to rise from the lower floor.  That way you can just step out and never have to worry about puddles forming.  The water just magically goes away.  And that upper level is all semi-rough/natural stone tiles so that whole area is a natural feeling/looking non-slip area.  Plus it makes if feel like a fancy spa.  Plus there's a seat in the shower...just because.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Check out this card I designed and Illustrated

I created this for a friend at work that was leaving a while back.  I'm sure all who know him know that he's a really good guy.  Everyone was really happy with my card as passed it around the office and signed it for him.  I think it came out really great.  The top one is the outside and the bottom the inside.  I printed it out on really nice double sided matte paper it looked clean and completely legit.  People kept asking me where I bought it  :)  Cheers!