Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Figure Drawing in the Workshops

I haven't been to a workshop in years..  I've thought about going off and on for a while but I finally went with a friend of mine last week.  It was more fun than I remembered... and all the old skills and techniques came right back.. like riding a bike.  I guess you would call this more traditional than what I usually do.. but all the same, it was just as fun. 

Mynxx - Music Video

I did this last month for a pretty well know Art Director turn Director DC5.  This is for a Russian pop star names Mynxx.  She's was in town to shoot this music video for her next big hit.  There were a few really busy club scenes.  They turned out pretty good though.  This was 3 day job, I wish I would have had more time to throw some value on these.  I think that would have put them over the top.  Oh well, you do your very best with what you're given I suppose.  Check it out.